Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tapas on the Beach

(Outfit Details: Playsuit Fashion Prescription)

So here is my first post in a while but I had to share my recent trips. As England's weather is so unreliable I take any opportunity I can to jet away on holiday, on this trip me and my favourite fashion girls visited Lanzarote.
It is a very quite Canary Island but it was a perfect relaxing break full of sun, cocktails and food.
Our hotel was attached to a (very posh) tapas and sushi sea-front restaurant, it was my first time trying tapas and I have to say I loved it - its great if you love sharing food..

The night we visited this restaurant I wore Fashion Prescription gold playsuit which is just gorgeous, so over-the-top and totally my style.

Lauren x

Sunday, 1 May 2016


Hey all!!
So I recently purchased my first ever wig (as I want to have grey hair but I am not brave enough to dye it) This wig is from Uniwigs.
Its synthetic but I absolutely love it - and really recommend. The wig comes with a wig cap and a brush, the wig is lace front so when I got the wig I just cut the overlay of lace off and it really blends in well with your skin!
I french braided my hair so it lay flat and put under the provided wig cap, the wig had 4 clips and is pretty secure and can be made shorter - which I did.
The only negative I have is it does shed - quite a bit - and I loved flicking the wig around which doesn't help, but theres that much hair that a few lost strands aren't missed.
This wig is so much fun, thinking about my next colour already..


Friday, 22 January 2016

Olivia Burton

Perfect Simple Timepiece
Hi all, I thought I'd just post my recent best buy and thats my Olivia Burton watch. I've wanted one for a while and I picked the large dial rose gold with a white leather strap - which is a bit of a risk but it was my favourite, but you can buy leather straps from the website to swap over.
I bought this from ASOS for £80, I love the clean simple look, its perfect for everyday looks.

Watch: ASOS

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Turtle Shell Meets Turtle Neck

Hi all, now that its 2016 I plan on adding lots of content to my blog starting with an outfit post, these boots are Topshop dupes that one only £35 and they come in suede and patent, obsessed with the heel! 
Jumper : Boohoo
Boots: Ego

Thursday, 7 January 2016

25 Blog Post Ideas To Stop Bloggers Block

Hello Bloggers, I've not been blogging in so long, so the usual excuses are uni assignments, interviews and work, as Christmas is the BUSIEST time in retail - its no fun.. So I've put blogging to the side and developed bloggers block so I've thought of a few blogpost ideas to rid the dreaded block!

  • Outfit Post
  • Shopping spree haul
  • Look for Less
  • Style Crush
  • Shoe of the Moment
  • One Shop Look (usually ASOS for me)
  • Bargain Of The Day
  • Wish List
  • Designer Dreams
  • Throwback Summer/Autumn Look

  • Beauty Haul
  • Makeup You Can't Live Without
  • Beauty Blogger Inspo
  • Look Of The Day
  • Tutorial
  • Hair Tutorials
  • Skincare Secrets
  • Regret Buys 
  • Haircare Musts
  • Favourite Beauty Look
  • Recent Trip
  • Best Places You've Been Too
  • ....Or Want to Go to
  • Blogging Editing Secrets
  • Giveaways

Lots of Love 
Lauren xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


So me being a super fan of anything designer at high street price, I visited the H&M Balmaination collection release at H&M Manchester
After queuing for 12 hours, yes 12 hours I managed to get most of what I wanted but even some stuff I wanted sold out! So when 7:30am came a very tired queue became excited as we were handed our wrist bands guaranteeing us entry. We each got split into groups of 25 and we were aloud to shop for 10 mins I was in the fourth group and it was a mad dash to get everything you could.
 Even whilst I was queuing I tried to shop online but the website crashed, what a nightmare?? The beaded blazer and top sold out by the first lot of people in the store which was gutting! 
The actual queuing experience wasn't too bad, I made some friends, had free Krispy Kreme and a pizza hut and we let no one push in!
I got the longline blazer seen on Gigi Hadid, and the pea coat.
High neck velvet dress (which I have to not eat to fit in) and two tops.

So here are my top tips for queuing for exclusive fashion:
1. Get there early if you want the best stuff
2. Try and get a group of you get some drinks and food, try and make queueing.. fun
3. Got a size up, the sizes are always so tiny, and I'm paying for that now!
4. Don't rely on the website
5. It really is worth it, nothing like having a bit of exclusive designer in your wardrobe right?


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What Fashion Students Are Sick of Hearing

A little fact about me is that I am studying International Fashion Promotion at MMU. Which is a great course I love studying fashion and I love that the course is four years with placement so you get to work for a year, if you're lucky enough to get a placement as its very competitive. 

But sometimes when studying fashion people that don't study it don't always understand the point of your degree which is the most annoying thing ever so,
Heres a few things we've probably all heard if you're studying fashion

1. Oh you're doing a fashion course, bit pointless isn't it?
Or isn't that so easy, do you sit around and talk about Topshop? Isn't this the most annoying saying ever, fashion is not pointless it is one of the biggest industries in the world! And when I have my fab dream job I'll be the one laughing.

2. Oh you do fashion, can you fix my dress?
Yes I do fashion but no I can't sew, at all. Not fashion courses are design, theres also marketing, buying, merchandising, promotion. So chances are I'm about as good a sewer as you.

3. God I bet everyone on your course is horrible?
No way this is not true, maybe you have your dissagreements with people during group work which is never fun.. But I have not met one horrible person in my course, they're all easy to talk to and have similar interests

If you guys have any more comment below or do a similar course, I'd love to hear!
Lauren x

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